Forest Glen Resort

23 January 2015

Forest Glen Resort, Detached Condominium Site Plan, Township of Severn, 12 Units

PEARSON ENGINEERING LTD. as retained to provide water and sanitary treatment, stormwater management (SWM) and site servicing and grading design for conversion of the Forest Glen Resort to a condominium in the Township of Severn.

We provided a Functional Servicing Report (FSR) to assist in the rezoning application and provided expert witness services for the ensuing Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing and approval. In addition, the works include the detailed design of an upgraded private water treatment system, Waterloo Biofilter sanitary treatment system, associated area bed, water distribution works, an E-One low-pressure sanitary transmission system, and gaining Ministry of Environment approval. Our works included Contract Administration and inspection services during the construction phase of the project.

Printable Project Data Sheet