Highway 12 Developments Inc.

22 January 2015

Highway 12 Developments Inc., Highway Commercial Development, Town of Midland

PEARSON ENGINEERING LTD. completed the detailed grading, servicing and stormwater management design and extensive inspection services for this multi-building, multi-use Commercial Development located on Highway 12 in the Town of Midland. The Project site is approximately 6.2 hectares in size and included six commercial buildings with two large box stores. A municipal road bisecting the Project site, Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approval. An Enbridge gas transmission main relocation approval was also required. A stormwater management (SWM) pond to service the overall site was designed and Ministry of Environment approval was obtained. Detailed grading, servicing, roadworks and SWM design were required on the technically complex project site. In addition, extensive inspection services were performed during the completion of the construction phase of this project.

Printable Project Data Sheet