Innishore South Public School

23 January 2015

Innishore South Public School, New School, City of Barrie

PEARSON ENGINEERING LTD. was retained to produce site grading, servicing design, and a stormwater management (SWM) Report for the new build project of Innishore South Public School along with the sports field, parking lot, sidewalks, and bus loading areas. The design includes new service connections extended form municipal services. The Brentwood Stormtank ST-18 (pictured above) was designed to accommodate 60m2 of underground storage volume. The Stormtanks are designed as an off-line system at the top end of a storm sewer system where the entire storage volume is contained with the tank structure and not within the stone backfill.   The Stormtanks are 450mm in height and are designed to HS-25 traffic loading.

Printable Project Data Sheet