Starting in August 2023, Pearson Engineering Ltd. will be pleased to provide Structural Engineering as a new service for our private and municipal clients. This service will be introduced to complement our existing engineering services, while also expanding our expertise to better serve our clients.

Our Structural Engineering Team will be equipped to provide the following scope of services for our building and municipal infrastructure projects: 

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Projects

  • Structural Inspections and Condition Assessments of Existing Buildings.
  • Detailed Design of New Construction, Additions and Renovations in Accordance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC).
  • Detailed Design of Balcony and Retaining Wall Replacements and Rehabilitations.
  • Designs Utilizing a Wide Range of Construction Materials Including Steel and Wood Framing, Cast-In-Place and Precast Concrete, and Masonry.
  • Preparation of Detailed Design Drawings for Building Permits and Construction.
  • Preparation of Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Tender Documents.
  • Construction Review and Coordination of Material Testing.
  • Reserve Fund Studies for Condominiums in Accordance with the Condominium Act.

Bridge, Culvert and Retaining Wall Projects

  • Biennial Bridge and Culvert Inspections in Accordance with the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM)
  • Recommendations for Additional Assessments including Deck Condition Surveys, Soffit Reviews, Underwater Investigations, Crack Monitoring, etc.
  • Coordination of Background Studies including Environmental Impact Studies, Archaeological Assessments and Heritage Impact Assessments.
  • Coordination of Background Investigations including Geotechnical Investigations, Hydrological Assessments and Hydraulic Modeling.
  • Detail Design of Bridge and Culvert Replacements and Rehabilitations in Accordance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC).
  • Structure Load Evaluations to Verify Load Carrying Capacity and Posting Requirements
  • Preparation of Tender Documents including Detailed Cost Estimates, Detailed Design Drawings and Tender Contracts.
  • Contract Administration and Construction Inspection.